About Me

I am a people person, and as such, the focus behind my photography and videography is driven by capturing the beauty in people, their special days and who they are. That is why I always make sure that your experience as my client will always be as enjoyable to you as it is to me, by providing you with a high degree of quality and professionalism.

I was raised in Spain and I am currently based in London, United Kingdom. I hold a First Class Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography and Videography and have been freelancing for the past five years. I ventured into videography because I recognise the power in moving image and I love combining that means to focus attention on topics that deserve it, and that may not necessarily be spoken about as often as they should. To take a look at my video work, please visit: www.youtube.com/dinalaraki

I hope that you'll emerge yourself in my visual stories and thoroughly enjoy what you find there. 

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