1. Behind The Scenes: Self-Portrait Shoot

    02 Oct 2019
    Almost 3 months of radio silence over here, who knows how long it’ll be until the next hiatus?! Hey, if there’s something that these ups and downs teach me is that we better make the most of it when there is content, inspiration, blog posts and updates, that goes both…

  2. Behind The Scenes: Self-Portrait Shoot

    07 Jun 2019
    Ah, it’s June. Gemini season, my birthday, the start of summer and our first holiday of the year is also on this month. Nothing makes me happier than celebrating this month because to me, it feels like blooming season a lot more than Spring does. I really do come to…

  3. Welcoming Ramadan

    05 May 2019
    ﷽ I was hesitant to write this blog post because I really didn’t feel I was in a position to advice anyone  on how to make the most out of the holy month that is almost upon us. I have felt detached and at odds with myself lately and have…

  4. Behind The Scenes: Self-Portrait Shoot

    10 Apr 2019
    I have always believed that Wednesdays were my day. I was born on a Wednesday, I somehow always feel that everything falls into place on Wednesdays and I tend to feel more chirpy on that particular day in comparison to the rest of the week. Today was no exception, and…

  5. This life is but a pit stop

    18 Mar 2019
    I think the past few days have weighed so heavy in my heart, because I am seeing how easy it would be (and has been) to focus on the things that divides me from this country and its people. When the UK strips native British nationals off their citizenship and…

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